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Learning Spanish at EGA is extremely interactive and students are encouraged to be independent, creative and reflective learners.

The Spanish Department strives to encourage students to develop confidence in using languages and in developing their study skills to make their language learning experience worthwhile.

All students will develop an understanding of how language learning can bring global communities closer together and create a deeper understanding of other cultures.



Spanish at Key Stage 3  

Year 7 and 8 students have 3 Spanish lessons per week, and they will be working towards taking their Language GCSE in Year 9, which is a really exciting opportunity.

Your daughter/ward will be set homework on a weekly basis and we will inform you of their progress.  Good work and behaviour are praised and celebrated through regular small rewards consisting of stickers, stars and merits.

Each student has a Spanish ICT lesson where they can explore and practise their language skills further using a variety of online resources. Students also reinforce their language learning by completing challenging exercises on line on,, and .

All students are assessed after each unit on one or two skills and there is an end of year exam in the summer term which will assess all skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing).

Year 7

In Year 7, the theme is “My World” which encompasses basic vocabulary, giving opinions, talking about self and family, school, incorporating grammatical skills which will help them create their own personalised “Language Tool Kit”.

Year 8

The theme in Year 8 is “Holidays” and “Leisure.” Students will continue to develop their understanding of tenses by discussing previous and future holidays, as well as normal holiday practice. They will study countries, capitals, weather, different forms of transport, recipes from the target country and eating out. They will develop their research skills by finding out about other countries’ traditions, culture, language, food, activities and way of life. They will continue to develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing and consolidate the use of the different tenses.


Study at Home for KS3

Students are actively encouraged to purchase a dictionary for the language they study and teachers recommend regular sessions at home working on,, and

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Spanish at Key Stage 4

In KS4 students are studying for their AQA Spanish GCSE which comprises of 60% coursework and 40% exam. Students study the following topics:

·         Leisure and tourism

·         Home and environment

·         Work and Education

·         Lifestyle – Health, Relationships and choices

The units are based on some topics already covered in KS3, but they are explored in more depth in KS4 and they are linked to content in other areas of the curriculum and focus on the creative use of language. There is a greater emphasis on grammar in KS4 and developing independent learning.


Study at Home for KS4

Students are encouraged to complete vocabulary learning exercises, and an excellent resource for practising the 3 tenses and other grammatical points. Also www.españ is excellent for both vocabulary and grammar.


Recent Events

Biannually Vocab Express host world-wide competitions in a variety of languages, The League of Champions and The Global Challenge. In September 2015 one of our students won the League of Champions world competition in Spanish with a score of 100, 170 points, a score never previously achieved! There is also an annual Spanish Spelling Bee competition run by Capital L, Routes into Languages for all our Year 7 students. It is an excellent experience for all involved and two of our girls made it through to the Regional Finals in March 2016. Congratulations to all!


Terms & holidays

Summer Term 2017
Start: 18th Apr
Half Term: 29th May-2nd June
End of Term: 21st July
Autumn Term 2017
Start: 4th Sept
Half Term:23rd-27th Oct
End of Term:21st Dec
Spring Term 2018
Start: 3rd Jan 
Half Term:12-16th Feb
End of Term: 29th Mar
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