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Year 7 & 8

In Years 7 and 8 Computer Science is piloted through skills lessons. Students will follow the Computing (Computer Science) curriculum in September 2014 at Key Stage 3. In years 9 and 10 computer skills are taught within the curriculum of a range of subjects including science and languages.

Year 10 and 11


Examinations (40%)

Unit B061: ICT in Today’s World

Students will study a range of ICT systems, as used in the home, at school, and in society. They need to be aware of current and emerging technologies and the impact that advances in technology may have on themselves and others.

Unit B063: ICT in Context

Students study a range of ICT systems in a business or organisational context. They should be aware of current and emerging technologies and their impact on themselves and on others. The question paper is based upon pre-release material, relating to specified businesses or organisation(s) and its/their use of ICT.


Controlled Assessments (60%)

Unit B062: Practical Applications in ICT

Students study a range of everyday software applications to be able to manipulate and process data and other information effectively and efficiently and to present information in a format suitable for purpose and audience. They will select from a range of set tasks written to enable them to demonstrate their practical ICT ability.

Unit B064: Creative use of ICT

Students study a range of creative software applications in order to create a multimedia solution to a given problem. They should be aware of how to analyse the problem as well as the steps needed to design, develop, test and evaluate the solution to the problem.

Students will be required to complete a task by creating and developing a multimedia solution with appropriate elements such as: sound clips, video, animation and graphics.



Students have access to the Unit B061: ICT in Today’s World course companion in class and at home.


Study / Revision at Home for KS4


Terms & holidays

Autumn Term 2014
Start: 2nd - 3rd Sept
Half Term: 27th -31st Oct
End of Term: 19th Dec
Spring Term 2015
Start: 5th Jan
Half Term: 16th - 20th Feb
End of Term: 27th Mar
Summer Term 2015
Start: 13th Apr 
Half Term: 25th - 29th May
End of Term: 17th Jul
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