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Posted on: 28/11/2019

Donmar Workshop

By Lillabelle Aikins

On Monday the 18th of November, myself and a collection of other drama GCSE students tumbled out of the cold and into the drama studio for a workshop with a representative from the Donmar Warehouse, preparing us for a show called [BLANK]. 

[BLANK] is a one of a kind production. Each show is made up of completely different scenes that are based on the real experiences of women prisoners in modern Britain. These stories let us take a glimpse into the lives of women who have come into any contact with prison in a confronting and truthful way. During our workshop, we learnt some surprising facts- only 3800 women are in prison currently as opposed to 77000 men. 

The next day, we travelled to the Donmar Warehouse in the West End to watch the production. It was challenging to watch; to come into contact with these characters who have suffered abuse, committed crimes they cannot undo, who have been impacted by the choices of the ones they love was painful. 

It made me realise how complex the justice system is. I hope that in the future, women have  more access to the services they need to help prevent some of the terrible things that happen in Britain. To me, [BLANK] is not a show or production, but the story of thousands of women in the UK. It is a call to action.

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