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Our Commitment

At EGA, any type of bullying is unacceptable.  If your child is being bullied, we have policies and procedures to support both you and your child.  

What do we mean by bullying?

Bullying is where one or more students set out to hurt another student.  This hurt can be caused by physical (hitting, punching, pushing etc) or verbal (cussing, taunting, threatening etc) aggression.   It also includes sending messages by text or e-mail.   Bullying can occur over a period of time or it might be a single incident. We recognise this and aim to deal with every incident that is reported to us.

What do we do about it?

  • We make it very clear that bullying is not tolerated at EGA.  
  • We encourage students to talk to the teachers or other professionals working in the school about any problems they have.  If we don’t know, we can’t do anything to help.
  • We look out for any bullying behaviour.  There are staff on duty before and after school, at break and lunchtimes.
  • We will take action.  We will inform parents if their child is being bullied or is bullying.  Students have been excluded from school for bullying.

Our message to all students must be:

Tell someone...

  • We write down every incident that is reported to us.   By recording every incident we can build up a picture and take action.

Good advice for a student who is being bullied:

  • Tell an adult you trust what is happening.
  • Stay with groups of people.
  • Don’t show you’re upset.
  • If you are in real danger, get away.
  • Fighting back may make matters worse.