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Prospective Parents Information

Thank you for your interest in Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School.  I do hope you will visit us on one of our open mornings or, indeed, at any other time if the designated mornings are not convenient. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a different time.

Please view our upcoming open days here

However, if you are unable to visit, I would like to use this letter to highlight some of the things I will be speaking about to our visitors.

We are aware that choosing a secondary school is an extremely important decision and that you are quite rightly concerned that you have as much information as possible to ensure that you make the right choice for your daughter.  Not all schools are right for all students so it is important that you are aware of the particular strengths and ethos of each school.

At EGA, we are determined that not only should every girl reach her potential in terms of academic achievement, but also have a range of other opportunities which will enrich and enhance her experience. I am confident that we are able to realise our aims and our GCSE results confirm this.

Last year a number of girls achieved the highest grade in every single subject. This clearly shows that, given the right support and encouragement, our students can and do achieve results as good as those of students at any school in the country.  It points to excellence in teaching and learning and knowledge about what is needed in order to be successful in examinations.  It is not just the most able who experience success.  There is a full range of courses to suit all abilities and every girl leaves school with qualifications.

In addition to the academic success, girls at EGA have the opportunity to take part in a huge range of additional activities to explore their talents in the arts, sports or to enrich their curriculum.  It is quite likely that your daughter will work with a professional musician or artist during her time here and might even perform on the Barbican or Almeida stage. There really is something for everybody.

What contributes to this success is a very positive atmosphere where girls are encouraged to take responsibility and to work with others.  We are committed to maintaining our ethos of social harmony in the knowledge that no one can learn when they feel uneasy or unsafe.  Girls are rightly proud of their school and enjoy being here.  They come to school in the knowledge that we have the highest of expectations and that they can achieve more than ever seemed possible on entry to the school.

I always say to parents that in all the schools in which I have worked, and they’ve all been very different, that the one thing which has characterised those students who are successful is that they are the students whose parents work in partnership with the school; the ones whose parents are interested, who attend parents’ evenings and work collaboratively to ensure the best possible educational experience for their children.

We strive to develop a very positive partnership to ensure that your daughter is happy, fulfilled and leaves us a confident, successful young woman.

I look forward to meeting you.

Ms Dibb


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