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Attendance and Punctuality

Good attendance and punctuality is vital if your child is to learn and achieve well. Long or frequent absences disrupt learning and it is extremely difficult to catch up on what has been missed.  You have a legal duty to ensure your child attends school on time.  Absence from school can really only be justified if she is genuinely ill.


As a school we will ensure that
  • students are registered accurately and efficiently in every lesson/tutor session
  • attendance targets are set for individual students tutor groups,  year groups and for the whole school
  • parents/carers are contacted when reasons for absence are unknown or unauthorised.  The school has installed an automated contact system which ensures that parents are informed immediately absence or lateness is recorded.
  • student lateness and attendance is monitored daily
  • the school will intervene when it deems a student’s level of attendance to be lower than the level required for efficient full-time education.  Any student with below 94% attendance will be closely monitored
Students will be encouraged to
  • attend school regularly and on time
  • inform staff if there is a problem that may lead to absences
  • arrive at school before 8.40 a.m. every day, giving explanation if they are late for any reason
  • report to the school Attendance Officer if their level of attendance drops below that deemed necessary for efficient, full-time education
Parents / Carers are legally obliged to
  • encourage good attendance and punctuality
  • inform the school on the first day of non-attendance giving a suitable explanation and provide a letter explaining the absence on the  student’s return to school
  • Not take students away from school during term time  
The governors will not authorise any holidays in term time
If your child goes on holiday her place at EGA could be lost and parents / carers will be issued with penalty notices under Section 444A and 444B of the Education Act 1996
No child should miss school unless they are seriously ill.
If your child has to miss school you must:
  • if at all possible telephone the school office immediately on 020 7689 9311
  • on the day she returns to school also give her a note stating clearly  the reason  for the absence.