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Concerns and complaints

If you are not satisfied or have concerns about any aspect of our practice, please let us know.  You will always be listened to and your complaint will be treated seriously.  We will do our best to resolve the situation.

If your complaint involves your child, (it could be about bullying or your child’s learning for example) please see your child’s Head of House.

Heads of House 2017-18

Dr Leonard Amechi            Aquila House    
Ms Carley Stephenson        Pegasus House    
Ms Saliha Saleem              Orion House    
Ms Diane Stirling               Cygnus House    
Ms Ximena Silva                Head of Year 11  

If your concerns cannot be resolved at this level, it will be passed on to a senior member of staff.

More serious complaints

A more serious complaint or a confidential issue should be referred in the first instance to a deputy headteacher.  S/he will alert the headteacher who will ensure that the formal Complaints Policy is followed.

This could involve:

Putting the complaint in writing 

Involving governors if necessary 

Holding a formal hearing

Referral to Cambridge Education @ Islington

A copy of the full Complaints Policy is available on request.