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Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)

Sex and Relationships Education is taught as part of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and also as part of the National Curriculum Science courses.


The programme runs throughout Years 7 to 11 with topics appropriate to the students’ level of maturity.  The students are given the facts which are relevant to the topic being covered and an opportunity to discuss issues as they occur.  The lessons are delivered by your daughter’s PSHE teacher.  A number of approaches are used including discussion, role play, research, presentations, videos and other media,  theatre in education performances and workshops and visiting speakers.


Year 7

Students will study the unit Our Bodies, Ourselves. They will  consider the physical and emotional aspects of puberty and adolescence.  This unit also introduces the stages of human reproduction.  Students are also taught about the importance of a balanced diet and exercise.


Year 8

Students are encouraged to consider responsibilities and decisions in families and future partnerships with an emphasis on self-esteem and mutual respect in relationships.   Personal safety issues are covered and students are encouraged to develop strategies for avoiding and dealing with difficult situations.   


Year 9

We look at HIV/AIDS and sexual health in a world where millions of young people are being infected with the HIV virus and the incidence of other sexually transmitted infections is increasing.  Students will organise events and fundraising activities for World Aids Day. Students will consider the issues around safer sex and will study different types of contraception.  


Year 10/11

We continue the work of KS3 which aims to help students be able to make responsible, healthy, safe and informed decisions in their relationships.  Students are encouraged to think about the nature of relationships, and what constitutes a healthy relationship. Students will learn about services available to young people and how to access them. Students will work with the facilitators from The Haven Trust and the Sexual Health Education Team.


Should you require a more detailed breakdown of the programme or wish to review any of the resources used please do not hesitate to contact the school.


The topics and issues will be discussed openly and objectively in a sensitive and supportive environment. Sex and sexuality are central to human life and we aim to approach the issues in a positive way so as to help students come to a full understanding of themselves and others.