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Health & Social Care


Health and Social Care 1   subjectsGCSE Health and Social Care is an introduction to the world of working in Health and Social Care: that means jobs in hospitals, health centres, social work, nurseries, care homes, and day centres.  You would be working with disabled children and adults, and with the frail and elderly.

It is a useful introduction for students considering a career as a nurse, midwife, social worker, youth or play worker, nursery nurse, care assistant, fitness instructor, counsellor, health adviser and many others.

It is for students who are interested in a career where they can support people when they have illnesses, problems, issues or  tragedies in their lives, as well as the happier occasions like childbirth and childcare.

Health and Social Care is very topical and relevant to all our lives.  We learn through discussion of real-life case studies; items in the news; TV dramas and documentaries and personal experience. We make extensive use of the internet to view websites.

The ethics and values of Health and Social Care are very important in the workplace and in the classroom.  Students are taught the importance of respect, dignity and inclusivity. We look at the negative effects of prejudice, discrimination and abuse.

Written coursework is very important, making up 60% of the course.  This is in the form of a report on a local health, social care or early years setting.  This written work must be completed in controlled conditions (like an exam) in lesson time and may not be taken home. Students may do research and preparation for homework.

Key Stage 4

We follow the Edexcel single award GCSE.

There are 2 units to study:

  • In Unit 1 (40% - exam in June) students learn about human growth and development – what to expect at the different stages of life; factors that positively or negatively affect human growth and development;  what help is available to people when they have a problem or crisis in their lives.  
  • In Unit 2 (60% - coursework deadline in early May) students learn about the job roles of people who work in health and social care, the kind of skills and qualities they need and how they should behave in their jobs. Students learn about how services are organised and provided by the NHS and social services.  Students visit a real health, social care or early years setting and the coursework assignment is a report about this setting.

Study at Home for KS4

When preparing for the Unit 1 exam, students will be given past exam papers and revision packs to work on at home.

For Unit 2, which is coursework, background reading and research may be done at home but written coursework may not be done at home – it can only be completed in controlled conditions in school.  Your teacher will direct you to websites which you can look into at home, for example, The NHS or BBC Health.