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Media & Film Studies


Media Studies and Film Studies GCSE is a popular, up-to-date one-year course at EGA, available as an option from Year 9.  In a world where technological changes mean young people can access many new types of media, it is important that young people understand who is creating this and how young people may be manipulated by it. The aims of Media Studies and Film Studies GCSEs are to give students the opportunity to explore the media they consume, to think critically about this media and to give them the opportunity to create their own media texts. They can also achieve two GCSEs in one optional subject!


Students study Media Studies first and then move on to Film Studies in the second part of the year.

Breakdown of syllabus

Media Studies GCSE (AQA Exam Board)

Assignment 1 – Analysing DVD covers

Assignment 2 – Cross Media Analysis – Music Promotion

Assignment 3 – Major Production – Magazine/Film

This is then followed by a pre-Determined exam topic. In 2018, the exam topic is TV SERIAL DRAMA


Film Studies GCSE (WJEC Exam Board)

Assignment 1 - Exploring a film of candidate’s choice

Assignment 2 - Pitch and Preproduction

Assignment 3 – Film production

Assignment 4 - Analysis


This is then followed by two short exams. For the 2016 summer exam, EGA have decided to focus on the film Yasmin (2004) instead of Bend it Like Beckham as we have done previously. We will also study super-hero films.

Media and film studies subjectsThe course gives students the opportunity to obtain two GCSEs in a one-year period. Both subjects are coursework-based, with students researching different media and then creating their own versions of these. They are encouraged to look at the immediate world around them and question their representation in the media. In Film Studies, students examine films for meaning, much as they would an English text, and question conventions and stereotypes by comparing Hollywood films to World cinema. Students sit one exam for Media Studies and two for Film Studies during the summer exam period.

Each Media Studies and Film Studies student has access to excellent resources: digital cameras, digital video cameras, the latest Macs with the full Adobe suite, iPads and the latest Microsoft software. We also have a green screen available to use.

Media Studies and Film Studies at Key Stage 4

There is a strong emphasis on deadlines and these are expected to be adhered to. It is expected that coursework is completed in this time.

There is no tier system in Media Studies or and Film Studies, students will all sit the same exam.

Recent Events

In 2015, Film Studies students achieved their best results ever, with 90% of students getting a C-A* grade.

We also look to get involved with community events, so if you would like to work with students in the Media and Film Studies course, please contact the school.

Study at Home for KS4

There are many resources that can be used for Media and Film Studies. The following links are recommended by the subjects’ exam boards. This will be updated to suit the current year’s exam topic.

Media and film studies 4 subjects

Media Studies Forums

British Movie/Media Studies Forum

AQA Media Studies Forum

TES Media Studies Forum

Archive Media Websites

Non-contemporary television archive (US)

80's multi-media material

Television theme tunes

Non-contemporary television museum (UK)

Research guide to moving image archives

Television history (US)

Non-contemporary television directory

UK North West Film Archive


Resource and Support sites:

Media Literacy UK

Online reference centre for Media Literacy (US)

Broad 'Edusite' - MediaEdu

Media Education Association

English and Media Publications and CPD

Media, Communication and Culture Studies Association

BBC Media Studies Support

Internet Resource Catalogue

A guide for Mr Allison's Media Students


British Film Institute

American Film Institute

UK Film education site

Young film-makers site

Review of British film and television history

Screenplay archive

Internet movie database

Empire Magazine online

BBC online film magazine

British Academy of Film and Television Arts




Channel 4

Channel 5



Associated Press


The Independent

The Financial Times

The Times

The Daily Telegraph

The Guardian

The Daily Mail

The Daily Express

The Sun

Daily Mirror


Celebrity/Media news and articles

Student friendly media news and views


Popular music site

Time Warner

Fox Corporation

New Media and Web-based Technologies

Online journalism, web production and promotion

Help with web video editing and production

BBC online New Media training modules

Useful guidance on cross-media and trans-media entertainment

Irish Office for Internet Safety website

Overview of gaming issues

PC problem solver directory


Academic guidance

David Gauntlet’s theoretical site

Media Ethics


Narrative structures, Storyboarding/telling and Blogs

Narrative structures

Production storyboard guidance

Digital storytelling

Digital storytelling learning tools,,

Blog guidance for teachers



'Clearcast' advertising pre-transmission examination

Film Classification

Federation Against Copyright Theft

Performing Rights Society

Government Media Regulation

Advertising Standards Authority

Audience Research

Audit Bureau of Circulation Media Performance Data

BARB Audience viewing research

Radio audience research

Professional Bodies and Media Organisations

Advertising Association

Media and Entertainment Union

Actors Union

British Academy of Film and Television Arts

Arts Council

Media Watch Campaign Group

'Campaign' Magazine website