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When you first launch the App, please search for 'Elizabeth Garrett Anderson', then click Add to My Schools. A pop up window will come up which will allow us to share important announcements with you - please select the Enable Notifications button.



This section contains a record of unread notifications sent from the school. Once these notifications have been read on your device they will automatically be deleted from this area.

Please Note: Leave your school notifications turned on if you wish to receive these instant alerts.


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Swipe the screen or use the tabs to see events by category. You can select an event and click ‘Add event to calendar’ to save it to your personal calendar on your device

Please ensure you close the App when you are finished using it as this allows the content to refresh the next time you open it. Instant alerts will pop up on your device even when the App is offline.

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EGA Spelling Bee Finals 2018!! Posted on: 11/12/2018

EGA Spelling Bee Finals 2018!!

Since September 2018, French and Spanish students in Year 7 have been preparing to take part in a Spelling Bee competition! The aim of the Spelling Bee is to improve students’ confidence in the language they are learning and to practise spelling a variety of words using the alphabet correctly.  All students learned 50 words off by heart in either French or Spanish and they also had to learn how to say the different accents.  The students with the highest scores in the class competitions from each language were selected to take part in the EGA finals on Tuesday 27th November!!! Here are the finalists from each class: Spanish:  7Z - Menabe Andargachew  and  Zahra Newaz,  7A – Fardousa Ahmed and  Sara Jlok,  7L – Iman Jirow and Ruweda Ahmed. French:  7E – Annachiara Senatore and Fariha Bhuiyan,  7H – Elizabeth Michail and Yasmin Abdulrahman Ahmed, 7T – Umme Hashmi and Elena Fusha.  The day of the finals was extremely exciting and all the participants, although incredibly nervous, showed great courage and displayed their amazing language skills. The Languages Faculty are extremely impressed by all of the competitors’ determination and the contagious enthusiasm that made the Spelling Bee such a special event- thank you! We are pleased to announce the overall winners of the Languages Spelling Bee! HUGE congratulations go to: Annachiara Senatore in French and Ruweda Ahmed in Spanish (below)! Well done to all!!!! The Languages Faculty    
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