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How to use our School App


Our App is designed to help you access important school information more quickly and easily from your mobile device. From urgent announcements and letters home, to events and galleries, it's a convenient way to keep up to date with school life on the go.


How to download the App

Simply visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play from your mobile phone and search for ‘School Connect’, which can then be downloaded for free.

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How to use the App

The App is easy and intuitive to use. Here’s what you need to know...


Launching the App for the first time

When you first launch the App, please search for 'Elizabeth Garrett Anderson', then click Add to My Schools. A pop up window will come up which will allow us to share important announcements with you - please select the Enable Notifications button.



This section contains a record of unread notifications sent from the school. Once these notifications have been read on your device they will automatically be deleted from this area.

Please Note: Leave your school notifications turned on if you wish to receive these instant alerts.


News, Letters Home and Galleries

Swipe the screen or use the tabs to view categories within these areas.



Swipe the screen or use the tabs to see events by category. You can select an event and click ‘Add event to calendar’ to save it to your personal calendar on your device

Please ensure you close the App when you are finished using it as this allows the content to refresh the next time you open it. Instant alerts will pop up on your device even when the App is offline.

We hope you enjoy using the App.


Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge Finals 2017 Posted on: 15/12/2017

Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge Finals 2017

In 2016, I won the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge for Islington. It was an amazing feeling and a great honour. My speech was about encouraging self-belief and all my friends and family were both supportive and proud. After winning the challenge, I had the opportunity to visit the University of Cambridge to talk to the admission tutor about how to develop a successful application in the future! I'm very grateful to the Jack Petchey foundation for such a great opportunity. As last year's winner, the Finals for this year were held at my school, so on Thursday 7th December 2017, I was the MC and host. It was so much fun! At first I was extremely nervous but as I carried on going and saw my family, friends and teachers in the audience cheering me on, I got into my zone and really enjoyed myself. There were so many amazing speakers talking about topics they were clearly passionate about; Sagal Mohammed Ali and Tanisha Mahone in year 10 represented EGA at the competition. They were so inspiring and made EGA extremely proud. Their speeches were about’ The Importance of Stories’ and ‘Love is Blind’. The event went very smoothly and it wouldn't have been anywhere near as wonderful if it wasn’t for the hard work of Ms Faux and support from other EGA teachers for organising the event. The music performance conducted by Alison Campbell and performed by the year 11s of EGA was absolutely fantastic.  I would like to thank everyone who had a contribution to this spectacular event and for all the support the speakers received on what was a really memorable evening. What an amazing experience!  
Brexit Posted on: 7/12/2017


It seems like Brexit is always dominating the headlines; but with only a week left to strike a deal with the EU the true extent of the UK's potential difficulties are beginning to show.   Earlier this week the UK was on the brink of signing a deal which ensured a ‘soft’ Brexit when a phone call to Theresa May from  the DUP (the Irish political party currently in coalition with the Conservative party) disrupted an otherwise tranquil meal between the PM and the President of the EU.   It seemed that the DUP were not accepting the proposed conditions. These conditions threatened to install a ‘hard’ border between the UK and the Republic of Ireland ( who are still a part of the EU). Halting the talks of Brexit, Theresa May is now forced to compromise the terms of our departure. Instead of negotiating for a united response, she has requested an extension to the signing of the Brexit treaty, and will attempt to devise another plan in which the UK emerges in a more positive light. For there to be any hope for the future, our Prime Minister must compromise, negotiate and change her approach towards the difficult matters at hand.   But how does the Brexit deal relate to EGA life? How can we learn from Theresa May’s challenges? Following exam week, it is important for us to reflect on what went well as well as consider ways we can adapt and improve. Our mock examinations were an opportunity to learn the different tactics and techniques which will secure us the best results we can achieve, and much like the Brexit negotiation, it’s time for us to learn to compromise. Only this time it is between our leisure time and our studying!   For many of us it is our last chance to obtain the results and the place we want to hold in the future; but unlike the Brexit deal, there is no extension offered. Therefore it is important for us to change the way in which we approach our learning and the difficulties we may face in the next few months. If we are able to do that, then when it comes to May (the month) our exams might not seem quite so ‘hard’.
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