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Thought of the Week

We regularly discuss world events in school through our ‘thought for the week’ slot, encouraging debate and discussion about the events, however big or small, that impact our lives and the lives of families that are distant from our own experiences. Girls are always encouraged to speak up if they are scared or worried about what they hear in the news, and there is a team of staff that students can go to if they need support at any time. We will put our ‘thought for the week’ topics here, so families can continue conversations at home and feedback is always welcome so please let Mr Scott know if you have any of your own thoughts.

What are you going to do this summer? - 15th July 2019

Sudan - 1st July 2019

Windrush - 24th June 2019

Women's World Cup - 10th June 2019

Should we eat meat? - 3rd June 2019

Qualities and Qualifications - 13th May 2019
Conflict  - 29th April 2019