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Modern Foreign Languages

French and Spanish


Learning languages at EGA is extremely interactive and students are encouraged to be independent, creative and reflective learners. The Languages Department strives to encourage students to develop confidence in using languages and in developing their study skills to make their language learning experience worthwhile. All students will develop an understanding of how language learning can bring global communities closer together and create a deeper understanding of other cultures.

Curriculum Content

MFL Intent Statement

MFL KS3 Curriculum

MFL GCSE Curriculum

Ways for parents to support learning 

Study at Home for KS3

Students are actively encouraged to purchase a dictionary for the language they study and teachers recommend regular sessions at home working on,, and

At KS3 it is essential that pupils get a copy of the CGP Key Stage Three French / Spanish The Study Guide.

Study at Home for KS4

Students are encouraged to complete vocabulary learning exercises on, and, an excellent resource for practising the 3 tenses and other grammatical points. Also www.españ is excellent for both vocabulary and grammar for Spanish.

At KS4 it is essential that pupils get a copy of CGP New GCSE French AQA Complete revision & Practise Grade 9-1 course or CGP New GCSE Spanish AQA Complete revision & Practise Grade 9-1 course.

Top Tips

In the spirit of the EGA community, current Year 9 students have compiled a list of “Top tips” to prepare the new Year 9 French & Spanish students for their GCSE and to advise them on strategies and revision techniques that were useful for them.

Click here to see the list of “Top tips” 


Please contact the Head of Languages,, if you would like more information about the course.


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