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The course introduces students to Sociology as a study of human society.  Sociology looks at the way in which people’s behaviour, beliefs and identity are shaped. As a social science, it looks at what happens in the world in a scientific and unemotional way.  This subject facilitates students’ learning and understanding of how we organise our own lives and why we behave as we do.

The analysis of ideas is fundamental to Sociology; the ability to question and hypothesize is crucial. The Sociology department at EGA aims to foster these skills in our students in order to enable and encourage them in their journey of experimentation and discovery, through a variety of experiences and activities.

Curriculum Content

Sociology Curriculum

Recommended Resources for GCSE Sociology

• Course textbook: Heinemann Publishers, OCR GCSE Sociology (Author: Jannine Jacobs Roth)

• Sociological Review – student magazine (



Please contact the Head of Sociology,, if you would like more information about the course.