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EGA School Development Plan 2022 – 2025 and Five Year Vision

A quick guide for parents

5 Year Vision

Over the next 5 years we are focussing on one overarching aspiration - to ensure that all students at EGA make exceptional progress both academically and personally. 

To achieve this our development plan will focus on the following key priorities: 

Key Priority 1: Quality of Education - (Achieve without limits)

  • Through a rigorous, well planned curriculum, taught by expert practitioners, all students are challenged and developed  to make outstanding  progress.

Key Priority 2:  Personal Development - (Strive without Limits)

  • For our students to be a force for good in their school and their communities

  • To ensure the health and well being of all are supported through effective school management systems and structures

  • To give genuine opportunities for stakeholders including our parents to develop and contribute to the work of the school

  • To ensure all students are beneficiaries of the highest quality character education

Key Priority 3:  Behaviour and attitudes - (Learn without Limits)

  • Our students behave with consistently high levels of respect for others contributing to an community where  differences are valued and respected

  • Our students demonstrate consistently positive attitudes and commitment to their education and develop the resilience to overcome setbacks and challenges

  • Across their time at EGA, students become self-regulating young adults who make positive tangible contributions to the life of the school and the wider community

Key Priority 4: Leadership and Management- (Lead without Limits)

  • To build the capacity and effectiveness of  leaders and teams across the school and at all levels

  • To be at the forefront of educational research and decision making and forge powerful partnerships with a range of stakeholders