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Art and Design

IMG 8871Example of a student's work. For the full Art at EGA photo album, click here.


The Art, Print & Textiles curriculum enables students to curiously engage and question the world around them. Through experimentation with techniques and processes, students will embrace challenges with confidence, enjoy the creative process, problem solve and gain resilience.

The Art, Print & Textiles curriculum is enriched with extra-curricular activities, trips, and visits from Art practitioners to expand on students' pre-existing cultural capital.

Art & Design Intent Statement

Art & Design at KS3

In Art & Design in years 7, 8 and 9, students experience the curriculum with three focuses: Drawing & Painting, Print & Collage and Textiles. Students rotate 4 times a year between these three areas and Food & Nutrition, facilitated by a carousel.

Art & Design KS3 Curriculum

Homework at KS3

Homework will be set every other week in years 7 and 8, roughly 5 homeworks for each discipline, and every other lesson in year 9, roughly 4 homeworks for each discipline. Students should be spending around half an hour on this work.

Art & Design at KS4

In Art & Design at KS4 students will be entered for a GCSE 1-9 in Art and Design (Fine Art). We offer students three choices of focus: Mixed Media focus, Print focus and Textiles focus. Students will have 6 lessons a week (three doubles).

Art & Design KS4 Curriculum

Img 8678Mixed Media

Students will be based in the Drawing & Painting Studio. They will develop skills in drawing, painting, photography, printmaking and mixed media. With outcomes focusing on Mixed Media techniques and relevant Mixed Media Fine Artists’.


Students will be based in the Print & Collage Studio. They will develop skills in drawing, photography, collage, mono printing, lino printing and screen printing. With outcomes focusing in Printing and Collage techniques and relevant Print and Collage Artists’.IMG 8705


Students will be based in the Textiles Studio. They will develop skills in drawing, painting, photography, hand and machine embroidery, quilting, felt making and printing. With outcomes focusing on Textiles techniques and Textiles Artists’.

GCSE Components

Img 8661Component 01 - Portfolio (60%)

A portfolio that contains all work made by a student in lessons and clubs. This will be from teacher-led starting points and a sustained personal project. It will run from rollover to the end of the Autumn term, and will be returned to after the completion of Component 02.

Component 02 - Externally Set Assignment (40%)

Students will choose from a set of starting points given by the exam board, they have a term to produce artwork in response and 10 hours to complete their final outcome. This will be from the start of the Spring term, until the completion of the 10 hours around the end of the Spring term.

Homework at KS4

Homework will be set weekly at KS4 and students should be spending at least an hour on this work a week. A weekly GCSE Arts club runs to allow students access to materials and resources to complete any practical work.

It is very important for KS4 students to visit Galleries and Museums to build on their pre-existing cultural capital. When visiting the galleries they should take a sketchbook to draw and write about the work that interests them.

Ways for parents to support learning

Free Museums and Art Galleries in London

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Please contact the Head of Art, admin@egas.islington.sch.uk, if you would like more information about the course.