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Governing Board Members

  • Yemi Hailemariam - LA Governor, Chair EGA Governing Board
  • Sarah Beagley - Headteacher
  • Mary Berrisford - Co-opted Governor, Chair Business Management Committee
  • Tina Southall - Co-opted Governor, Chair Personal Development & Wellbeing Committee, and Safeguarding and SEND Lead Governor
  • Florence Wilkinson - Co-opted Governor, Chair of Curriculum & Outcomes Committee
  • Cillian Spillane - Co-opted Governor, Vice Chair Business Management Committee
  • Rose La Prairie - Co-opted Governor
  • Adday Heller - Co-opted Governor
  • Alfia Jafferji - Staff Governor
  • Ellie Page - Staff Governor
  • Tasmin Gyamfi - Staff Governor
  • Maysoon Dahab - Parent Governor
  • Antony Baker - Parent Governor
  • Victoria Lloyd - Parent Governor
  • Hilary Furey - Clerk to Governors

Contact Governor

Important Documents

Becoming A Governor

Parent Governor

When there is a vacancy for a Parent Governor, the Clerk writes to all parents of students at the school and seeks nominations. If there are more nominations than vacancies, an election takes place.

Co-opted Governor

When there is a vacancy for a Community Governor, applications are sought and the chosen nominee is ratified by the full governing body.    

LA Governor

Local authority governor is appointed directly by the local authority.


For further information, please contact Hilary Furey - Clerk to the Governors: hilary.furey@egas.islington.sch.uk