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Thank you for visiting our website. I do hope it will give you a flavour of the school and encourage you to visit us. We are fortunate to have a superb learning environment where young women achieve academic excellence, where they are encouraged to participate and excel in artistic and sporting events and where their ambitions and aspirations are nurtured, so that they leave us with outstanding qualifications and confidence to serve them well in their further study. 

Girls at EGA...

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  • Posted on: 20/07/2021 'In All Our Hidden Gifts My favourite character was Roe because he was conflicted about who he wanted to be and this is what all teenagers feel deep down so it was relatable. It was impressive how the author used the location to subtly affect the characters in different ways.'
  • Posted on: 20/07/2021 'All Our Hidden Gifts is a really great book as it explores lots of different genres all mixed in one with elements of adventure, family and friendship, magic and definitely mystery. It explores lots of different topics and covers everyday issues and troubles such as.'
  • Posted on: 19/07/2021 'All Our Hidden Gifts is set in Ireland and includes snippets of Irish culture in the book. My favourite part of the book was the ending because it wraps the book up well.'
  • Posted on: 19/07/2021 The following Tweets are excerpts from our Year 9 Reading Group book reviews from Sewa, Ely, Celestra and Lucy
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