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Drugs Education


The aim of drugs education at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School is to aknowledge and clarify for students the issues relating to drug prevention and use. The school's approach on the issue of drugs is as part of the commitment to being a healthy school.
The school’s policy provides information about procedures in response to any drug related incident and provides guidance to teachers, support staff, parents/carers and outside visitors.  Sanctions for drug related incidents are dealt with consideration of the specific circumstances of the incident.  Full details of the sanctions are available in the school’s behaviour policy. 
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School believes that the possession and the use of drugs in school or during the school day is inappropriate.   All drugs covered in the school’s policy are not permitted to be bought, sold or otherwise obtained on school premises or during the school day.  Individual exceptions may be made for students who need to take prescribed medicines where appropriate.


  • Teachers will be confident and skilled in the delivery of drugs education and the schools pastoral programme will be supportive of students who are concerned about drugs;
  • Professional outside agencies may be used in the delivery of drugs education where appropriate.



The curriculum will enable students:
  • To make healthy informed decisions;
  • To identify sources of personal support;
  • Increase their knowledge;
  • Explore their own and other people’s ideas.
It will:
  • Promote positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle;
  • Provide accurate information about substances;
  • Increase understanding about drug use and misuse;
  • Widen knowledge about health related issues;
  • Seek to minimise the risks that users and potential users face.