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Trips, Visits and Residentials

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At EGA our aim is to create a community of successful learners and achievers who enjoy their learning.

Learning in context enriches the curriculum.  To this end we offer our learners opportunities to engage in activities which are additional to school based ones.  These include trips, visits, residentials and work related activities in a variety of organisations.

We are very clear about Health and Safety regulations and follow Government guidelines

A range of considerations are used before any trip is authorised:

Risk assessments considering the following will be carried out by the Group Leader:
 Types of activities

  • location;
  • routes;
  • type of transport;
  • number of staff;
  • experience of staff;
  • age;
  • competence and attitude of students;
  • season;
  • weather;
  • timing;
  • emergency procedures.

Prior to the trip/visit, students and parents will be made aware of:

 Code of Behaviour:

  • the venue, the route and the type of transport;
  • instructions in case students become separated from the group;
  • the school telephone number;
  • fire alarm procedures;
  • what to do if there is an incident;
  • the name of the member of staff i/c school journeys;
  • students whose behaviour is a risk to self or others may be declined a place;
  • students who fail to follow instructions may be accompanied back to school;
  • cost if relevant.

Before a student is allowed on a trip or visit the school must have received the following:

  • a consent form completed by parent

as well as the following items for a residential:

  • dietary or medical information (which will be carried by the teacher in charge)

Additional information:

  • all students must wear a seat belt if travelling by coach;
  • a school first aid kit and mobile ‘phone will be taken on the visit/journey;
  • an emergency contact number sheet will be taken on the visit/journey;
  • staff will carry a list of the students on the visit/journey which will include emergency contact numbers for the parents (a copy of this will be left at school with the member of staff i/c school journeys);
  • regular head counts will be taken.