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Duke Of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award at EGA School is a nationally recognised qualification that is highly regarded amongst Colleges, Universities and Employers.

Here at EGA we offer the Bronze award in Year 10, we have limited places so your daughter will have to apply to be able to participate. 

The Bronze Duke of Edinburgh programme is broken down into 4 sections:

  • Volunteering

  • Physical recreation

  • Skill

  • Expedition

Students must complete a minimum of 3 months activity for two sections and 6 months for one.

The award consists of regular meetings as a group and with their EGA Mentor as well as an hour dedicated to each activity every week.  Lastly, they will also need to plan, lead and organise a camping expedition in the British Countryside which will last 2 days and 1 night and will be supported and assessed by EGA staff. EGA students are  issued a course calendar and are expected to attend regular meetings after school as part of their training for the expeditions so will require a high level of time and commitment. 

Equipment (tents, bags, etc.) and campsite costs are all subsidised by EGA. We do ask for a contribution of £45 and for your daughter to be equipped with walking boots and waterproofs.  

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a fantastic opportunity for EGA students. It will enable them to develop widely recognised life skills and provide them with a sense of adventure. In addition, students will make a difference to other peoples’ lives within the local community through their volunteering. They will become fitter and healthier, make new friends and return with memories which will last a lifetime.