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Our People

Leadership Team

Ms Jo Dibb - Executive Headteacher

Ms Sarah Beagley - Headteacher

Ms Tina Southall - Associate Headteacher

Ms Holly Wilkins - Deputy Headteacher

Ms Nathalie Josiah - Deputy Headteacher

Mr Ewan Scott - Assistant Headteacher

Ms Carley Stephenson - Assistant Headteacher

Mr David Shemoon - Assistant Headteacher

Ms Kathy Watson - Assistant Headteacher

Ms Karen Tumbridge - School Business Manager


Ms Miranda Harris - Head of Faculty

Mr Jacques Bester - Head of ICT and Computer Science

Mr Johnny Lofts - Head of Art

Ms Cornelia Wait (De Bruin) - Head of Food Technology

Ms Mariam Ali - Art Teacher

Ms Tiffany Walker - Food Technology Teacher

Ms Bernadette Batchelor - Technical Assistant (Food, Textiles and Art)


Ms Kathy Watson - Head of Faculty

Ms Francesca Gibson Faux - 2nd i/c

Mr Adam Hughes - Head of Media Studies

Ms Sophie Wales - LCS Community

Ms Shabana Begum - English Teacher

Ms Isabelle Gately - English Teacher

Ms Yasemine Hazine - English Teacher

Mr Nathan Rainsford - English Teacher

Ms Jasvin Singh - English Teacher

Extended Schools

Ms Naomi Ibe - Pastoral Lead

Ms Shamiya Choudhury - Pastoral Manager (Orion House)

Ms Sally Dahl - Pastoral Manager (Aquila House)

Ms Sheryl Sterne - Pastoral Manager (Pegasus House)

Ms Lorraine Spallin - Pastoral Support (Cygnus/Pegasus House)

Heads of House

Mr Shah Alom - Pegasus House

Dr Leonard Amechi - Aquila House

Ms Jasmine Ndona - Cygnus House

Mr Lee Evans - Orion House 


Ms Catherine Yates - Head of Faculty

Ms Harifa Begum  - Head of RE

Ms Ayesha Khanom - Head of Sociology

Ms Sophie Kilkenny-Brown - Head of Geography

Ms Carley Stephenson - RE Teacher (Assistant Headteacher)

Dr Leonard Amechi - Citizenship/Business Studies Teacher (Head of House)

Mr Tony Buttifint - Economics Teacher 

Ms Alfia Jafferji - PSHE/RE Teacher

Ms Hamidah Siddique - RE Teacher

Ms Aleysha Kerrigan - Geography Teacher



Mr Christophe Largen - Head of Faculty

Ms Sian Lezard - Head of Spanish

Ms Helga Escalante - Spanish Teacher

Ms Una Stewart - French Teacher

Ms Sophie Wales - Language and Community Support

Learning/Language and Community Support

Ms Janette Goss - SENCO

Ms Yasmin Gradia - Teaching Assistant

Ms Geraldine King - Teaching Assistant

Ms Lynn Smith - Teaching Assistant

Ms Sandra Valencia - Teaching Assistant

Ms Emma Wren - Teaching Assistant

Ms Lynsey Boon - Teaching Assistant

Ms Karin Isakkson - Teaching Assistant


Mr Paul Clifford - Head of Faculty

Ms Eva Yeboah - 2 i/c

Mr Andrew Bullen - Maths Postholder

Ms Susie Miller - Lead Practitioner

Mr Shah Alom - Maths Teacher

Ms Katy Bostock - Maths Teacher

Mr Lee Evans - Maths Teacher

Ms Jawhara Hamdaoui - Maths Teacher (Maternity leave)

Mr Irfan Rashdi - Maths Teacher

Ms Anne Marie Williams - Maths Teacher (Maternity cover)

Performing Arts and PE

Ms Carolyn Wells - Head of Performing Arts

Ms Beth Lloyd - Head of PE

Ms Diane Stirling - Head of Music

Ms Nikita Tailor - Head of Drama

Ms Demi Carter - PE Teacher

Ms Sarah Long - Music Teacher

Ms Ximena Silva - PE Teacher

Ms Alison Campbell - Music Coordinator

Skills, Development and Progress

Ms Juliette Henry - Head of Faculty

Ms Miranda Harris - PSHE Teacher

Ms Alfia Jafferji - PSHE Teacher


Mr Anand Viswanathan - Head of Faculty

Ms Johanna Rossouw - 2 i/c

Ms Beatriz Jahr - Head of Psychology

Mr Ali Din - Science Postholder

Mr Shariff Uddin - Science Postholder

Ms Deborah Annan-Malm - Science Teacher

Ms Zainab Rashid - Science Teacher

Mr Ben Sudjaitham - Science Teacher

Mr Zuber Sidat - Senior Science Technician

Mr Ryan Mourier - Science Technician

Administration and Finance

Ms Karen Tumbridge - Senior School Business Manager

Ms Vicki Burcham - Associate School Business Manager

Ms Marcia Field - Office Lead

Mr John Donovan - Data Manager

Ms Evelyn Markey - PA to the Executive Headteacher and Headteacher

Ms Dawn Bramble - Attendance Officer

Ms Jane Simson - Finance Officer

Ms Gemma Smyth - Procurement Officer

Ms Dominique Plumley - Admissions Officer

Ms Dionne Smyth - Admin Officer

Ms Kelly Adams - Exams Officer

Ms Rachel Brooks - Cover Officer 

Ms Dionne Bell - Receptionist/Typist

Ms Angela Doyle - Receptionist/Typist

Learning Resource Centre

Ms Lesley Cheetham - Librarian

Ms Niki Khoshkbary - Media Resource Officer

Ms Razziya Siddique - Careers Lead

Mr Charlie Costello - Library Assistant

Ms Aimi Cruise - Media Resource Assistant

Catering and Midday Supervisors

Mr Mark Bourne - Catering Manager

Ms Victoria Agyemang - Cook

Ms Margaret Appadoo - Catering Assistant

Mr Sunday Dada-Aje - Catering Assistant

Ms Naeem Elahi - Catering Assistant

Ms Joyce Fokou - Catering Assistant

Ms Lu Jia - Catering Assistant

Ms Shelley Johnson - Catering Assistant

Ms Linda Matuba - Catering Assistant

Ms Lau Poon - Catering Assistant

Ms Phoi Vuong - Catering Assistant

Ms Kelly Wallis - Catering Assistant

Ms Kelly Adams - Midday Supervisor

Ms Maria Agrotis - Midday Supervisor

Ms Jackie Cassidy - Midday Supervisor

Ms Asha Ismail - Midday Supervisor

Ms Lindita Lamce - Midday Supervisor

Ms Veronica Martin - Midday Supervisor

Ms Marlene Mountjoy - Midday Supervisor

Ms Amber Norris - Midday Supervisor