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Business Studies


AfafBusiness Studies is a vocational subject designed to give students at EGA life skills. The content of the subject has both practical and theoretical aspects. Students will develop entrepreneurial skills which will enhance their abilities in spotting business opportunities and putting business ideas into practice. Students will explore the process of building and growing a business. They will learn how to make decisions and solve business related problems including; marketing, financial, operational, and human resource matters. They will also understand how external factors can affect a business.


Curriculum Content

Business Studies Intent Statement

Business Studies Curriculum

Ways for parents to support learning

GCSE Assessment Components

All students complete two externally written examinations in May/June, each contributing 50% of the overall qualification. 

Theme 1: Investigating Small Business (Written examination: 1 Hour 45 minutes)

Theme 2: Building a Business (Written examination: 1 Hour 45 minutes) 

Link to the Business Studies Specification


Please contact the Head of Business Studies, admin@egas.islington.sch.uk, if you would like more information about the course.