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English Language and Literature


The study of English at EGA plays a vital role in the personal and academic development of all of our students. The English curriculum places a huge emphasis on the transformational power of literacy in the lives of our young people. For our students to be leaders of both themselves and their communities in the future, it is vital that they possess the core literacy skills required to communicate successfully. Explicit teaching of vocabulary, grammar and oracy skills helps students to leave us more confident in expressing themselves in wider society beyond EGA. We carefully choose high challenge texts as part of our curriculum to encourage a deep and critical response to literature. As a faculty, we also place a huge focus on the value of reading widely for pleasure.

The design of our curriculum recognises that a strong foundation in the literary canon is crucial to a deep understanding and appreciation of the subject. As a diverse school community, our curriculum emphasises the importance of celebrating a range of voices in our subject. We want our students to see their backgrounds and experiences represented in the literature that they read as part of our curriculum. Our aim is for all of our students to recognise themselves as writers who have important ideas and experiences to share. 

The English curriculum at EGA asks that students value the impact their voices can have on wider society and culture through exposure to a range of literature.

AQA is our examining board for English Language and English Literature.

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