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Keeping Your Child Safe Online

Online safety

The internet and modern technology have revolutionised communications at such a pace that often it is the younger people who are more knowledgeable than the adults. The internet is a fantastic educational tool but must be used responsibly.




In order to ensure your child's safety on-line, it is important that they follow certain rules.

  • Never give a password to anyone else. You will be giving away your identity;
  • Never disclose personal information such as your address or telephone number in any e-mail or on a web site;
  • Be very careful what photographs or information you publish on the Internet.  They will always be there and could prove very embarrassing when you are older;
  • Never arrange to meet someone as a result of e-mail correspondence or through social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp;
  • Never write offensive things about others.  It is as unacceptable as if you were saying these things to someone.


In school we have a very clear code of behaviour for use of the Internet.

We have a very sophisticated filtering system to prevent access to illegal, offensive and inappropriate material.  However, things change very quickly and students must take responsibility for their own use.

We run a program called Securus which monitors all computer usage onsite, helping to protect all members of the school community.

At home and on her phone, make sure you know what your child is doing on-line in the same way you would monitor what she watches on television.

Here are some examples of the most commonly used apps that teenagers use and what parents should know about them.


Parents are asked to sign to give permission for internet access when students join the school and misuse of the internet will result in the withdrawal of internet access.

If you have a question about parental controls or concern about a social network your child uses, expert advisors at NSPCC's free helpline are here to help on 0808 8005002.