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Psychology is the study of the mind and of behaviour. It is a diverse scientific discipline comprising several major branches of research. At EGA, we deliver the AQA GCSE Psychology specification. This specification offers an engaging and comprehensive introduction to contemporary psychology topics. Our students learn the fundamentals of the science behind people’s behaviour and acquire an early understanding of how psychology can be used to improve quality of life. They have the opportunity to learn how to conduct practical work to test hypotheses, analyse evidence and arguments, and make informed judgements. All of these skills are valued by higher education institutions and employers.

During the autumn term, students are introduced to four topics: memory, perception, development and research methods. In the spring term, they study a further four topics: social influence; language thought and communication; brain and neuropsychology; and psychological problems. The summer term is dedicated to revision for two written exams.

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For a more detailed account of the course content, please consult the psychology handbook. The course overview along with approximate dates for teaching is available in the psychology curriculum map.

For further information, please contact the Head of Psychology, admin@egas.islington.sch.uk.


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