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Progress Reviews and Profiles

We aim to provide you with useful information about your daughter’s progress during her school career through regular reports.

At the start of their time at EGA, students will be given target GCSE grades, based on Fischer Family Trust indicators and detailed assessments. This is the minimum grade we expect your daughter to achieve by the end of KS4.

All families will receive information on student's learning habits. This will include information on attendance and punctuality, homework submission rate and reading age information. For KS3 students, data will also be provided on progress and commitment to learning. While KS4 students will have additional data on their most recent assessment results in each subject, a projected grade for the end of the course and an improvement statement.
The percentage of ‘present’ marks at morning and afternoon registration. 
The number of late marks for lessons and registration. 
Reading Age
Indicates how close your child's reading age is o her chronological age (years/months)
Commitment to Learning (1-4)
This is a reflection of your child’s current behaviour and attitude to learning in each subject. 
Progress (1-4)
This is how much progress has been made relative to the student’s start point (KS2 data). 

Assessment result:

This is the grade your daughter achieved on an assessment in each subject. 

Projected Grade

This is the GCSE grade your daughter will most likely achieve in her Summer exams, if she continues working at her current rate.

Improvement statement:

A key action that would support your daughter to improve her grade in each subject.

Your daughter’s report will be used to support conversations about learning with parents, teachers and tutors. The report will indicate whether students are on target to reach the standards required to be successful in the next stage of their school career. You will also be given information about how best to support your daughter to make outstanding progress.

We encourage parents to make contact with the school to speak to relevant subject teachers if you have any concerns about her progress information.