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Extended School

EGA is an extended school which means we provide a range of services, often beyond the school day, which help meet the needs of our students, the families and the wider community.

We aim to provide:

  • Out of school learning/activities for young people;
  • Sports Clubs;
  • Homework Clubs;
  • Revision Clubs;
  • Enrichment Clubs;
  • Holiday Revision Clubs.

We work with families through:

  • Home/School Liaison;
  • Community Information.

Additional Support Services for Students and Families

We believe that a child’s well being has a direct effect on learning.  We offer the following services to students and their families:

  • Referral to specialised support services;
  • School Counsellor;
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Specialist;
  • Health Advisor;
  • Behaviour Support Specialists.

This is a small sample of the services available. For further details please contact Ewan Scott, Deputy Headteacher on ewan.scott@egas.islington.sch.uk