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Rewards and Consequences

What is the vision for behaviour at EGA?

The vision for learning is that every child irrespective of their background is capable of high standards of achievement. Students here have the capacity for care; within both the school and the wider community. In addition to this they possess the capacity to achieve excellence through their ability to communicate positively with others, high standards of behaviour and development as a leader.

At EGA we support this standard of excellence through an approach which is context led; caring for each of the young women we serve in line with our iTips commitment. We equip each student with the skills to make positive choices regarding behaviour for themselves within a clear and consistently applied framework for managing behaviour which is grounded in unconditional positive regard and trauma informed practice.

What is the importance of outstanding behaviour for learning at EGA?

Without excellent behaviour for learning there is no progress; without progress there is no achievement. Here at EGA excellent behaviour for learning lies at the heart of a successful curriculum. One of our skills as teachers is to ensure that there is a good routine for our students. We model respect, understanding, self-regulation and resilience, helping the young people we teach meet their highest possible aspirations through the possession of these qualities themselves.

What is the importance of consistency?

Consistency is key to creating a positive culture in any school. At EGA we have a clear approach to behaviour management; in both rewards and consequences. This system is clearly communicated to students and as such must be consistently applied. 

We must work as a team to reinforce the same message throughout the school. Without consistency students can face confusion and uncertainty about the standards of behaviour we expect at EGA. We must apply the agreed rewards and consequences system methodically; seeking advice and support from faculty or House teams. Communication is key; not just to home and students, but also with each other.

What is our approach?

Our approach is to frame good behaviour wherever it occurs and shine a light on students who consistently meet our expectations. We aim to communicate clearly the consequences of poor behaviour and ensure reflection sessions take place after incidents of poor behaviour, which are supported by guided iTips conversations.

We aim to reward good behaviour and sanction poor behaviour in a 3:1 ratio. We hope to emphasise the good that students do and challenge those students whose behaviours are not exemplary or reflective of the values we share as a school community. 

EGA Rewards and Consequences

Behaviour for Learning the EGA Way