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Classical Civilisation

Classical Civilisation GCSE arms our students with powerful knowledge and tools from the ancient world that help them succeed in our modern one. 

At the heart of the curriculum is the understanding that the values of a culture are reflected in the art and literature that they produce. Students will develop analytical and critical skills, questioning the purpose and intent of the sources that they study. In the age of fake news, the ability to understand the undercurrent of cultural values and political purpose in both visual and textual sources is essential. Students will become citizens who actively question the things they see and read, rather than passively accepting them.  

Our exam board is OCR, with the following components:

  • Paper 1: Women in the Ancient World

  • Paper 2: The Homeric World

Students will study a range of ancient sources, including Homer’s ‘Odyssey’, the plays of Euripides, Roman poetry, Roman history, and ancient art and archaeology from across the ancient world. 

Students will also have a number of extracurricular opportunities, including museum visits.

Curriculum Content

Classical Civilisation Intent Statement

Classical Civilisation Curriculum

Ways for parents to support learning


Please contact the Head of Classical Civilisation,, if you would like more information about the course.


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