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Posted on: 08/11/2018

The Jungle

Two weeks ago, drama GSCE students got the wonderful opportunity to go and see 'The Jungle' which is a play that explores the difficulties of being a refugee/ asylum seeker. This performance was an emotional rollercoaster and simply unforgettable. One moment I'd be laughing and then I'd find my self crying the next. We were lucky enough to be in the cafe amongst the actors. They served a few people food such as naan bread, chocolate bars and chai but with aspects of humour. This let us empathise with the refugees and completely  immerse ourselves in the environment of the Calais camps. The play was amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed it, which concluded with a well deserved standing ovation. We also got the opportunity to have a Q&A with some of the actors and the playwrights.  Ilaria Balestra Lawrence, Jeta Jusufi, Amanda Filipi, Rosana Teixeira YR9.