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Posted on: 28/11/2018

Poetry Competition Results

Since National Poetry Day, we have been hard at work judging the competition entries on the theme of 'change', and we have finally managed to choose two winners! All the entries demonstrated real thought, imagination and commitment to the process of communicating ideas through poetry, and it was really hard choosing winners from our not-that-short shortlist... It got us thinking about how poetry is perhaps best enjoyed and shared instead of ranked. To celebrate all the wonderful poets at EGA, we will be making a display of all the entries and including some of our thoughts about them. You are also welcome to come and speak to Ms Hazine for individual feedback. Thank you to everyone who entered, and remember that all writers experience many rejections before success - so please keep writing!

Congratulations to Elizabeth Peto (KS3 winner) and Angel Studman (KS4 winner). You are both warmly invited to collect your prizes from the English Faculty at a time of your convenience.

Ms Hazine and the English Department


The winning poems:


Let The Sun Guide You 

by Angel Studman (KS4 winner)


Take my hand, take my hand through the meadow of change, but don't step

on the flowers it may cause someone pain.


The beaming sun the beaming sun oh how it glows but when rain comes it

washes away that golden glow.


Oh sun, oh sun don't leave, don't leave I am but a flower in this big world I am

trying to change.


As I Like It 

by Elizabeth Peto (KS3 winner)


As I walked,

along I talked,

I thought of little Joe Barney.

With his little straw hat,

and his big Tom-Cat,

And how he walked in barley.

How he and that cat,

chased with that rat,

On the railroad track.


Now I think,

as I skate in a rink,

of little Josie Mellow.

With her flowery dress,

designed to impress,

In that horrible yellow.

How she was scared of a mouse,

hid in a house,

and refused to budge an inch.


As I eat,

in a place to meet,

I think of little old me.

A girl scared of spiders,

who sucked up to highers,

And wanted a dog called Bea.


Now little Joe Barney,

who walked in the barley,

Works in a flower shop.

And little Josie Mellow,

in that horrible yellow,

Started to be a cop.


little old me?

Well, let's wait and see.