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Posted on: 14/09/2017

EGA Film students behind the cameras at UCL

30 Media and Film GCSE students enjoyed a "documentary day" with the help of UCL and OpenCity Documentary Week. To begin, we watched a new documentary in the UK's only designated documentary cinema screen in the Brunswick Centre's Renoir Cinema. We watched the story of a Mongolian girl's story of her overcoming the male-dominated pursuit of eagle taming and hunting in The Eagle Huntress. We then went to UCL where students worked with volunteers and film makers to create short documentary-style films about a crime that had occurred at UCL. For many students, it was the first time they had been behind a camera other than that on their phone, so it was a really interesting experience for them to get hands-on with professional filming equipment. At the end of the day, students shared their work enjoyed seeing other groups' stories of the day. I'm sure this inspiring day will give several students a new insight into film-making and inspire them to make some films of their own in the future.