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Posted on: 04/07/2019

Razor Wire and Olive Branches Workshop

Monday the 24 June was marked by a Citizenship and RE workshop day on Human Rights Issues. This unique workshop was delivered by the Quaker Peace and Social Witness organisation and the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI- a project of the World Council of Churches and Christian Aid.), was entitled Razor Wire & Olive Branches. The workshop explored conflict and human rights issues in Palestine and Israel. Students participated in a number of workshops that provided them with a historical and socio-political landscape of the region. Students also took part in activities that involved work around conflict resolution, role-plays and mimes, all of which focused on developing empathy, allowing students to understand how complex this conflict is. The highlight of this day was the graffiti session, where students stencilled logos and symbols of ‘peace and hope’ to spray on canvases and boards.  Finally, the first-hand experience of the people from the EAPPI who lived on the grounds with Israelis and Palestinians, supporting peace in the region gave life to how the lives of both Israelis and Palestinians are experienced every day.

The Razor Wire and Olive Branch workshop really widened my knowledge on the current issues taking place in Israel and Palestine. We are extremely lucky to be able to take part in such an educating workshop and hope lots of other students are able to do it too.

Abigail Long Year 9

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. It was interactive and very informative. I felt quite inspired to make change. The situation is Israel is very dangerous and segregated but we do not hear enough about it in the news and what people are doing to make change so it was interesting to learn more about it.

Sadie Boyce  Year 9 

The workshop was eye-opening to the reality of the lives of civilians in Gaza and Palestine. It was also interesting to learn about the conscientious objectors and what influence the international community has on Israel.

Laura Wakeford-Hale Year 9

This workshop really impacted us as it was different from all the other workshops we have had in the past. We were learning about conflict and how you can stop it and learn from it, we also learnt about empathy and how things can develop.

Mayim Holder Year 9

For the full photo album, click here.

Razor wire workshop 7

Razor wire workshop 31

Razor wire workshop 41

Razor wire workshop 81

Razor wire workshop 122