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Posted on: 30/10/2019

Student Poetry

Following on from National Poetry Day, we bring you this poem by Khalida Dyfan. She wrote it in response to the theme of truth.

To You In A Half Decade Ago

How does it feel for your fragile mind to be infiltrated by pain?

One’s word is carved into a catalyst of negativity eradicating one’s pride.

Half a decade ago,

I was stood at the roots of growth

This indicates my beginning of my own

River of tears, A tsunami forming and my whole body sinking to the bottom of the ocean, 

My lifeless body’s shadow eclipses the bottom of the ocean

As the locks of my hair are swaying through the salty ocean

Emotions are your own demons,

They jeopardise the things you love and envy,

And one man’s eyesight before the reach to the path of pride,

Your inferior complex is forever irredeemable

You dive in for a gem

When you’re worth a diamond

Born under the name of real me

But lived as a pseudonym

Tell me my friend, live for yourself

Break those so called chains materializing your insecurities

Don’t give into these fabricated standards

Carve your own path with your abilities and your soul.

To you, my friend in half a decade ago.