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Posted on: 01/11/2017

EGA's Green Initiative


For the majority of the population, global warming sounds more like a sci-fi dystopian myth than a real ongoing crisis - however, some scientists argue it’s one of the biggest challenges facing humanity today. By 2050 it is estimated that there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.  We have a preconceived idea that the world we live in contains an unlimited supply of the resources we need and continue to use. However, our natural resources are depleting all the time and we are reminded of this every day. Examples range from the ever-increasing use of cars (evident in our traffic-congested streets) to the smaller day to day routine household wastage, such as pouring oil down the sink. Even in school, our lunches can leave a stream of  polystyrene, sandwich boxes stained in mayonnaise, empty crisp wrappers and plastic bottles. So we think it is time to make a positive change and set an excellent example to our local community.

EGA has decided to form a new Green Initiative to reduce the use of plastic and paper and to encourage recycling around the school. Teachers have presented PowerPoints to students to make them environmentally aware, so that change begins to happen. It’s by no means a coercion. In fact, the girls around the school are keen to raise this issue and put environmental policies into place. Students in Year 8 have been creating posters and essays which have been printed around the school to advertise the new initiative. Our school already runs on woodchip fuel, which is a biomass fuel more beneficial to the environment than traditional coal or oil. Additionally, there are designated places around the school for preserving natural fauna; a pond for aquatic life, bat boxes, and bug hotels. We have a green roof and four electric car charges which reduce CO2 emissions and help EGA take steps towards being more carbon neutral. The future of our generation is in our hands and every single action against the environment leads to a cumulative wave of destruction. We’ll keep you up to date with our Green Initiative as it grows this year!