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Careers Advice

At EGA we offer independent and impartial careers education, EGA acknowledge and support the development of high aspirations among our young people. This is done by providing each and every student from Year 7 to 11 with well-informed advice about the future, that breaks barriers and stereotypes and encourages a flexible and ambitious approach.

Our Careers Lead is Razziya Siddique. She will be responsible for providing current information, advice and guidance to all students through one-to-one drop in sessions at lunch and after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Parents and carers can also contact her.

Telephone: 02078370739


Training providers and institutions are welcome to contact Ms Siddique directly to arrange presentations and involvement with careers at EGA.

EGA are currently using a software tool called Uniforg. Unifrog will enable your daughter to gain access to current and relevant information on colleges, universities, careers and qualifications. With the use of Unifrog, students can develop a portfolio and receive tailored advice on where to go next. With support from staff and online tools, through work related learning, students receive the accurate skills for the future and develop their knowledge on career choices, through CV writing and job and college applications.


Rock Challenge 2019 Posted on: 25/04/2019

Rock Challenge 2019

EGA wins 3rd place at the Rock Challenge 2019 Competition! A team of 50, 13 awards, a great day and lasting memories for the Rock Challenge team of 2019. Well done to all of you for your hard work and commitment. EGA received awards for excellence in the following categories; concept, choreography, costume for character, cultural and educational achievement, drama skills, entertainment, lighting, performance skills, performers choice award, stage crew, soundtrack and spirit of rock challenge. Finally, a huge thank you to our parent volunteer Alice Angus- Lane whose efforts and involvement were rightly recognised through the parental involvement award. We couldn't have done the last three rock challenges without your help, guidance and expertise in art, design and costume.  Rock Challenge 2019 Team: Sadie Russell Ayat Mouzaoui Clementine Parker Ilaria Lawrence Amanda Filipi Sara Mousa Delina Birhane Angela Santos Seyi Akande Kennedy Challis Sadie Boyce Rosa Brennan Leah Lipsey - Swarbrick Olivia Coralan Sereniti Isumagpala Opah Cruz Vita Prokhorova Violet Nwaka Ruqayyah Rahman Amanda Zere Carolina Fernandez Bold Ozlem Sogupinar Anna Ebbatson Solomon Leticia Sandoval Solyom Sophia Sergrides Mia Yanez Imani Powell Clara Angus Lane Laura Wakeford Hale Mia Oyesika Yuki Oyesika Cedra Salhi Hafsa Gedi Aliya Gedi Faizah Mamun Hibbah Fili Eklhas Khadi Matilda Allison Evelyn Bill Zahra Newaz Jeta Jusufi Ava Davies Jaime Amisis Ibunqa Zeyna Tarout Sadie Wilcox Kadiesat Turay
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