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Assessment for Learning


Assessment for learning is how we all work together every day to make sure your daughter makes as much progress as possible in her learning.

Assessment for learning is most effective in an environment when all contributions are welcome and incorrect answers are used as part of the learning process.
Assessment for learning helps:

  • Teachers to plan better lessons;
  • Students to know where they are and are able to discuss what to do to improve their learning;
  • Parents to know how well their daughter is doing and how to help her to improve.

Assessment for learning includes the following range of strategies in lessons:

From lesson to lesson:
Checking learning about previous lessons or during a lesson using quizzes, games, detailed questioning, group discussion and presentations to the class.
Over a series of lessons:
Written work may be marked by the student, peers, as a class or by the teacher.
Teacher marking uses the ‘praise and raise’ approach where progress is recognised and clear evidence on how to improve is given.

During a year:
Some work will be marked against national curriculum or GCSE exam board marking criteria. These criteria will be shared with students before they start working in a language the students understand.

Students will also undertake regular tests and exams to inform us about progress and identify areas for improvement.
How you can help your daughter to learn:

  • Talk to your daughter about what she has learnt in school each day;
  • Talk to your daughter about homework and encourage her to have a go if she finds something difficult;
  • Read the comments teachers write in your daughter’s  books and talk to her about the steps she needs to take to improve;
  • Praise your daughter for her effort and progress;
  • Attend parents' evenings;
  • Contact your daughter’s tutor if you are worried about anything;
  • Discuss with your daughter her targets, progress reviews and profiles.
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