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Posted on: 08/07/2019

Workshop Part 2

Wednesday 26 June, was part two of the Razor Wire and Olive Branch workshop programme. This was the launch of the educational resource pack created by the Quakers and Social Justice Witness and the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel, a project of the World Council of Churches and Christian Aid, called Razor Wire & Olive Branches. There were over 30 invited guests – among them educationalist, peace activists and journalists. This is a Citizenship pack exploring conflict and human rights in Palestine and Israel. It includes dozens of cross-curricular activities, eyewitness accounts and case studies of Israelis and Palestinians. These complement learning across the curriculum as well as life skills and resilience.

We would like to thank all the students who took part in the Monday’s Worksop and to a couple of girls in particular who went over and beyond their participation and shared their learning and experience at the launch evening, in front of the big audience. So a huge thank you to Anisa Azzabi-Lingam, Sadie Russell, Mayim Holder and Esther Holder. Well done girls!  

Razor Wire launch EGA (1)