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Posted on: 15/11/2018

Measure for Measure Trip

Last Thursday, GCSE Drama students had the opportunity to see ‘Measure for Measure’ performed live at the Donmar Warehouse. In preparation for this, we had participated in a workshop, which gave us an understanding of the plot, characters, and themes of the play -thus enriching our experience when we watched it later. This helped us to enjoy a play which was in an unfamiliar style for many of us; it essentially allowed us to connect with Shakespeare and his language.

However, the adaptation of ‘Measure for Measure’ that we watched was unique in that after being shown the play as intended in 1606, we were also shown it as imagined in 2018. As well as the context and year changing, there was most notably a gender role reversal which opened up many questions about power and gender in society. The effect of seeing these two performances side-by-side highlighted how Shakespeare’s ideas and messages are still very much relevant today.

Ultimately, it was a truly immersive experience, which captivated all in this story of morality, power imbalances, loyalties and betrayal.

Carolina Fernandez Bold O4 NTA