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School Trip to Spain Posted on: 10/11/2017

School Trip to Spain

Our trip to Barcelona and Tarragona was incredibly successful, with girls especially enjoying the morning they spent in a Spanish school. Who'd have thought it?! “I really enjoyed going to Spain! There were a variety of things we did and many opportunities. We did things that any tourist would do, for example, we went to Port Aventura (a theme park), which was very exciting, we did a tour of Barcelona and we went shopping. But we also did things that couldn't be done on a normal holiday to Spain; unique things that really made the trip educational but unforgettable.  Firstly, we stayed with host families which was not only fun but gave us a chance to speak with actual Spanish people in the way that they would normally, giving us an invaluable experience. It was surprisingly sad to say goodbye. And we also went to a Spanish school... For loads of people this was probably the most fun experience even though it sounded terribly boring at first; but it gave us an opportunity to talk with students our age, from a completely different country and also in the same boat as us in the regard that they weren't very good at English! It also gave us a chance to make friends - lots of us have kept in touch with students we met. Overall it was a great experience and really helped me with my Spanish. I, among others, also decided while I was there that I want to become fluent in Spanish and live in Spain for a period of my life.”   Written by Amrita Kaur

1 Blog Post found