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Dragon's Den Workshop from PWC Posted on: 21/05/2019

Dragon's Den Workshop from PWC

As part of EGA's commitment to supporting young adults with careers, students in Year 8  were given the opportunity to work with trained and skilled staff from Price Water Coopers, in a Dragon’s Den style workshop The aim of the workshop was for students to develop: • A basic understanding of business challenges • Group work skills • Presentation and pitching skills • Self-reflection skills The students had the chance to participate in a business challenge that helped them better understand factors affecting their daily lives and gain basic transferable skills for their future. Student testimonies: Sadie Boyce - Year 8 It was very interesting to learn about the world of work first hand from a well-known business and it was really fun working in a group and coming up with business ideas and practicing our pitching skills. My team won with an idea for a healthy credit card to keep a check on young people's spending on junk  food - and to reward them with gym credits when they didn't!!! Taaibah Akhtar - Year 8 On Friday, I had the chance to take part in a Dragon's Den style workshop alongside some of my peers and pupils from Holloway school. This developed our skills of systematic and smart thinking. After this, we were able to work in a way where we were encouraged to consider sustainability before making business decisions. We then had to pitch ideas about how to reduce obesity and other obesity related health conditions such as diabetes. I found the day really enjoyable and it was interesting to collaborate with others in this way. Many thanks to Ms Siddique (EGA and Holloway careers lead) for organising the day! Ms Henry
Islington Schools Athletics Posted on: 8/05/2019

Islington Schools Athletics

On Thursday 2 May, EGA was represented by Year 7, 8 and 9 at the 2019 Track and Field Championships at Finsbury Park, along with City of London Academy Highgate Hill, St Mary Magdalene Academy, Arts and Media School Islington and Highbury Grove. On the track, girls participated in hurdles, 100m, 200m, 800m, 1500m and 4 x 100m relay and on the field they took part in discus, long, high jump, javelin and shot putt. They did particularly well in the field events coming away with gold in all field events. A huge congratulations to the team: Year 7: Vera Heatherwick, Jade Reed, Jasmine Reed, Yasmin Abdulrahman Ahmed, Jamie Lee Ritchie, Natalia Szmiga Smith, Randa Nour, Ava Jayne Mogaji, Layla Pouget, Serenite Isugapala; Year 8: Cedra Salhi, Yuki Oyesiku, Leah Lipsey Swarbrick, Rosa Brennan, Angel Gillam, Nergis Bulut, Sasha Harrold, Holly Braham; Year 9: Cekayi Cameron, Elyse Duncan Brown, Abigail Fernandez Bold, Khya Dillon, Jaime Ibyunga, Aline Gahime, Emily Jo Winkworth, Hermione Kelly. Thank you for demonstrating dedication, commitment, resilience and good sportsmanship throughout the competition. EVENT NAME G S B YR 8 GIRLS 75M HURDLES FINAL - 8 at 76cm Holly Braham     1 YR 9 GIRLS 75M HURDLES FINAL - 8 at 76cm Aline Gahime 1     YR 7 GIRLS 1500M FINAL Vera Heatherwick   1   YR 8 GIRLS 1500M FINAL Yuki Oyesiku   1   YR 9 GIRLS 200M FINAL Elyse Duncan Brown     1 YR 8 GIRLS 100M FINAL Angel Gillam       YR 9 GIRLS 100M FINAL Elyse Duncan Brown   1   YR 8 GIRLS 800M FINAL Leah Lipsey Swarbrick   1   YR 9 GIRLS 800M FINAL Elyse Duncan Brown 1     YR 8 GIRLS LONG JUMP Sasha Harrold 1     YR 9 GIRLS LONG JUMP Elyse Duncan Brown 1     YR 8 GIRLS JAVELIN (600gm) Nergis Bulut   1   YR 9 GIRLS JAVELIN (500gm) Emilky Jo Winkworth 1     YR 7 GIRLS DISCUS (1KG) Serenite Isungapala   1   YR 8 GIRLS DISCUS Angel Gilliam 1     YR 9 GIRLS DISCUS (1KG) Emilky Jo Winkworth   1   YR 7 GIRLS HIGH JUMP Yasmin Abdulrahman Ahmed     1 YR 8 GIRLS HIGH JUMP Sasha Harrold   1   YR 9 GIRLS HIGH JUMP Aline Gahime 1     YR 7 GIRLS SHOT PUT Serenite Isungapala 1     YR 8 GIRLS SHOT PUT (3kg) Angel Gillam 1     YR 9 GIRLS SHOT PUT (3kg) Hermione Kelly     1  

7 Blog Posts found