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Posted on: 24/11/2021

KS4 Volleyball

By Lola in Year 11

On Wednesday, the 24th of November, our school’s KS4 volleyball team beat Central Foundation Girls School in an exhilarating game held at the opponent’s school.

Our team finished the game with a 2-1 score. Each match’s score was:

1. 13-15 (loss)

2. 16-14 (win)

3. 7-2 (win)

It is worth noting that our players maintained their motivation and resilience throughout the game and did not allow a temporary defeat to douse their spirit. Although the first match was won by the Central Foundation team, and the second a close call; those amazing volleyball players were able to keep the morale high, spared no effort on the volleyball court and were encouraging and supportive of each other off-court. Everyone is so proud of you, well done!