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Posted on: 10/11/2023

Book of the Month - November

Royal blood

THEMES/SUBJECTS: Murder; Royalty; Romance; Jealousy; Family

CW: physical assault, only for Year 9 and above

November’s book of the month is Royal Blood by Aimee Carter. This book really took off before the summer holidays and is still incredibly popular.

“Kicked out of her American boarding school, Evan is sent to live with her estranged father, the King of England. Her existence as his illegitimate daughter is top secret - until someone leaks it to the press. Suddenly she's the focus of a thousand lurid headlines, plus the hatred of her stepmother the Queen and half-sister Princess Maisie.

Then the royal scandal intensifies... After Evan is seen disappearing with a journalist's son at a party, he is found dead and she becomes the primary suspect in a murder investigation. Did "the Killer Princess" really do it? It seems that only the Queen's gorgeous nephew Kit will help Evan clear her name. But can she really trust anyone at the palace?

The story is gripping, with lots of twists and turns along the way. Reserve a copy now in the library.